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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

2013 Capstone Projects

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2013 MSW Capstone Projects

Laura Aldrich - [PDF] [PDF] Evidence-based Marketing Strategies to Increase Student Membership in a Professional Association (364 KiB) (364 KiB)
Rebecca Bentele - [PDF] [PDF] Evidence-Based Protocols for Assessment and Treatment of Adolescent Suicide in a Medical Setting (6 MiB) (6 MiB)
Tanya Borchert - [PDF] [PDF] Evidence-Based Practices Relating to Anxiety Disorders and Cannabis Use Throughout the Lifespan (2 MiB) (2 MiB)
Jennifer Bramstedt - [PDF] [PDF] The Working Alliance: A Survey of Client and Therapist Perceptions at an Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (501 KiB) (501 KiB)
Annemarie Burgess - [PDF] [PDF] Creating a Fidelity Checklist for a Bully-free Workplace using Agency Identified Resources Respectful Workplace and Violence Prevention in MnDOT D7 (314 KiB) (314 KiB)
Tristann Carter - [PDF] [PDF] Social Understanding Skills: Development of a Social Skills Curriculum Resource Manual for Wayzata West Middle School (198 KiB) (198 KiB)
Gayle Chandler - [PDF] [PDF] Truancy Intervention and Prevention Programs for the Marshall Middle School (2 MiB) (2 MiB)
Brooklynn Fredericksen - [PDF] [PDF] Incredible Years Parenting Program: Developing an Evidenced-based Implementation Protocol (268 KiB) (268 KiB)
Tanya Friese - [PDF] [PDF] Family Counts: Education for Family Systems Impacted by Addiction (516 KiB) (516 KiB)
Nathaniel Gendron - [PDF] [PDF] Best Practices in the Provision of Group Therapy for Adult Male Clients Diagnosed with Schizophrenia at Fernbrook Family Center (299 KiB) (299 KiB)
Molly Hildebrandt - [PDF] [PDF] The Development and Implementation of Trauma-Informed Care within a Clinical Setting (1 MiB) (1 MiB)
Michelle Holt - [PDF] [PDF] Factors Affecting Timeliness of Permanency for Children in Out-of-Home Placement (694 KiB) (694 KiB)
Rachel Johnston - [PDF] [PDF] The Lives of Three Mankato Area Public School Social Workers: What are Their Roles, Job Responsibilities, and Challenges? (965 KiB) (965 KiB)
Tiffany Kacir - [PDF] [PDF] Best Practices for Social Worker Involvement in Family Group Conference (3 MiB) (3 MiB)
Madison Kaye - [PDF] [PDF] Strategies for Success in a Residential Program (463 KiB) (463 KiB)
Jay Kimball - [PDF] [PDF] Evidence-based Practices in Providing Treatment Foster Care to Delinquent Youth (1 MiB) (1 MiB)
Shelby Lenzen - [PDF] [PDF] Best Practice Resource Manual for New Social Work Employees at District 77 (475 KiB) (475 KiB)
Sara Loose - [PDF] [PDF] A Guide to Understanding, Building and Sustaining an Effective Therapeutic Community in a Residential Treatment Setting (5 MiB) (5 MiB)
Sarah Manthei - [PDF] [PDF] An Analysis of the Re-Education Philosophy and the Applicability to Individual and Group Therapy, Psychoeducation and Skills (877 KiB) (877 KiB)
Tina Meyer - [PDF] [PDF] Development of a Guide for Outcome Evaluation of Preventative Services in Child Welfare (428 KiB) (428 KiB)
Melissa Moehrl - [PDF] [PDF] School Social Workers and K-12 Education Reform: Comprehensive Approach to Closing the Achievement Gap (611 KiB) (611 KiB)

 Imad Mohamed - [PDF] [PDF] Identifying a Cultural Framework for Assessing Cultural Components in the Family and Client Systems (611 KiB) (611 KiB)

Ellen Morrow - [PDF] [PDF] Best Practices for Implementing Trauma-Informed Care with Youth who are Homeless or At-Risk of Being Homeless (775 KiB) (775 KiB)
Terri Reuvers - [PDF] [PDF] A Community Based Model for Integrated Clinical Care (5 MiB) (5 MiB)
Jessica Robertson - [PDF] [PDF] Evaluation of Family Skills Group at Fernbrook Family Center (860 KiB) (860 KiB)
Jan Schwarzrock - [PDF] [PDF] Identification of Effective Play Techniques for Use with Children in an Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (14 MiB) (14 MiB)
Lori Thom - [PDF] [PDF] Development of an Online Course Utilizing Electroconvulsive Therapy in an Acute Care Setting (502 KiB) (502 KiB)
Darren Tungsvik - [PDF] [PDF] Paraphilias: Relevant Factors for Treatment Providers of Sexual Offenders (563 KiB) (563 KiB)
Donna Vig - [PDF] [PDF] Recruitment of American Indian Foster Parents (922 KiB) (922 KiB)
Kira Wellner - [PDF] [PDF] Best Practices for Designing and Implementing a Food Pantry Model in Middle and High Schools (612 KiB) (612 KiB)