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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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As you may have read, the cost of a college education has increased tremendously in recent years. Book prices have soared, and shortfalls in legislative funding have been made up on the backs of current students through high tuition increases. The Department is committed to trying to help by awarding scholarships to needy majors. The Mankato Kiwanis Club and the Region IX MSSA Board have been major providers along with donations by the faculty themselves. The next highest group has been our alumnae, and we and our students greatly appreciate those contributions!

The University Development Office would love to work with you on a program of giving back to your Department of Social Work, whether it is through the various pledge drives or in the form of more major gifts.

When you do make a donation, please make sure that you indicate that it is for the Social Work Foundation Account if you want it to benefit our students directly. Please contact Dr. David Beimers, Department Chair (389-6504) or our Director of Development for the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences, Becky Kunst (389-1006), for more information!