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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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High School and Community College Preparation

For students majoring in social studies, a background is helpful that includes successful study of American and World History, American Government, World Geography or any of the other social studies courses offered in the secondary school. Effective preparation in literature, writing and speech is also important. A high level of computer literacy is expected. Furthermore, students are encouraged to accumulate various experiences outside the classroom that include community and civic service, especially among diverse populations, and, if possible, travel and/or study overseas.

Building a strong liberal arts base at a community college is an excellent way to prepare for the social studies major. When choosing courses in the social and behavioral sciences, community college students should select: Intro to Anthropology, Macro-Economics, Intro to Geography, American Government, Intro to Psychology, and/or Intro to Sociology. Community college students should also begin to engage in global, multi-cultural, civic and community service experiences that lead to admission to the social studies program.