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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Undergraduate Program

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View of University Bell Tower area The Urban and Regional Studies Institute is an interdisciplinary, national award-winning, degree program oriented toward examining and understanding the broad range of problems and challenges associated with the nation's urban and regional areas. There are many career opportunities in community development, urban or regional planning, design and management. This national award-winning program consists of class work, research and field experiences. Students are encouraged to undertake independent study, become involved in community service projects, participate in field studies and accept internships.

The undergraduate major consists of 33 semester hours, including three foundation and four core courses covering the key areas in the field, and four elective courses in a focus area. The Minor consists of 18 semester hours, focusing on the Foundation and Core Courses.


Please be familiar with MSU, Mankato's tuition and fee rates. The Urban & Regional Studies Institute follows the guidelines of the University, and its students are required to abide by these policies. A link to this information can be found here

Descriptions of courses listed below are available on the Undergraduate Catalog page.


Urban and Regional Studies Major

Required for Major (Core: 21 credits)

  • URBS 100 - Intro to the City (3)
  • URBS 110 - The City: Design & Architecture (3)
  • URBS 150 – Sustainable Communities (3)
  • URBS 230 – Community Leadership and Service Learning (3)
  • URBS 401 – Foundations in Urban Management & Planning (3)
  • URBS 402 – Urban Analysis ( 3)
  • URBS 489 – Capstone Seminar (3)

Required for Major (Electives: 12 credits)

Select 12 credits from URBS upper division courses, or see advisor for approval.  The department strongly recommends an internship (URBS 497).


Urban and Regional Studies Minor

Required for Minor (Core, 9)

  • URSI 150 – Sustainable Communities (3)
  • URSI 230 – Community Leadership and Service Learning (3)
  • URSI 431 – Urban Design Principles (3)

Required for Minor (Electives, 9)

  • URSI 300-400 Level (3)
  • URSI 300-400 Level (3)
  • URSI 300-400 Level(3)