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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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“Hear Every Voice” Community Engagement Project (MNDOT)

Dr. Tony Filipovitch led a team of graduate students (Lindy Crawford, Shkelqim Dacy, Courtney Kramlinger, Smita Rakshit, Joey Robison, and Nathan Wegner) in a year-long project to assess and revise MNDOT’s community engagement training materials, called “Hear Every Voice.” 

[DOC] Attach: “Best Practices in Community Engagement” (August, 2012) (528 KiB)

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Preserving the Past, Building for the Future

MN State University and City of Janesville Marketing Project

Dr. Janet-Cherrington-Cucore, Roshan Bhandair, Suzie Couillard, Kelly Dieter, Jacob Helton, Lisa Hughes, Jamie Lind, Kim Thompson, Patrick Waletzko, and Jeanne Zwart partnered with South Central College, and the City of Janesville to produce a 12-page full color brochure promoting tourism and growth in the city. Students presented the project to the Janesville City Council on May 9, 2005. You can download the final report.

Final Report

Building Communities… It's No Small Chore

MN State University, International City/County Management Association, and City of Saint Peter Project

Dr. Janet-Cherrington-Cucore, Cedrick Frazier, Cindy Froemel, Jillian Connolly, Josh Jones, Michelle Koppinger, Ken Ondich, and Judy Ziempke joined together to promote excellence in local government through professional city management. Students presented the project to the Saint Peter City Council on March 20, 2003.

Final Report

Learning by Doing

URSI's learning by doing philosophy sets the program apart. Beyond classroom study, URSI students work in communities doing applied projects. Students are encouraged to undertake independent study, become involved in community service projects, and participate in field studies and internships in local agencies.

Undergrads Doing Research

Celme Divino and Teresa Menne and Afton Enger presented papers at the 2005 Undergraduate Research Center. Heather Gay's paper won the Undergraduate Project Award from the 2005 Women of Courage and Vision Projects of the Year. For more information on these projects go the the Undergraduate Research Center Presenters page.

Campus Master Plan

Eric Adams, Christopher Elvebak, Gerald Gatobu, and Chelsea Rasmussen, directed by Perry Wood, H. Roger Smith, and David Laverny-Rafter, presented their study, "Campus Identity Plan," to the MSU community on January 22, 2004.

End of Life Project

Bill Bernhagen and Tony Filipovitch helped the Region Nine Community Care Partnership pursue community-based research on end of life care.

Open Door Health Center Evaluation

Tony Filipovitch and Miyoshi Thompson have been assisting the Region Nine Community Care Partnership to evaluate the performance of the Open Door Health Center for its US Department of Health Community Access to Care Grant.

NIMBY Project

David Laverny-Rafter, Mike Strodtman and Kristi Wibben have been working with a group from the MN Chapter of the Urban Land Institute to evaluate the eventual outcomes of land use projects in the Twin Cities which aroused community opposition.