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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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The View from this Seat by Miriam Porter

   Miriam Porter

The legacy of the Institute is its former students who now are in service in more than 90% of Minnesota cities with a population over 10,000.  While our representation in Minnesota is notable, our former students are also in service around the Country and in different parts of the world.  For more than four decades we have been preparing students for applied professional careers in cities as managers and administrators, planners, economic development directors and community development specialists.

The future is our current students who are engaging in active learning using communities as our classroom.  The knowledge and talents of our students is cultivated through community based problem solving courses and studios and internships.  The Institute also facilities study abroad opportunities for students to help them come to better understand global issues impacting communities.

Student learning is supported by a widely respected, highly qualified faculty, many who have worked in local and regional governments prior to coming to teach at the Institute.  Our faculty has been recognized by community, state and international organizations for their work, research and service.  Recognition to the Institute has included the Stephen B. Sweeney Award from the International City/County Managers' Association and the IISAC Microcomputer Innovation Award for Local Government.

If you have ideas for projects in which our students and faculty may assist you, we'd like to hear from you.  The Urban and Regional Studies Institute brings home to our communities MSU's philosophy of "Big Ideas; Real World Thinking".