Grants fund cognitive ‘aerobics’ at VINE

December 10, 2019 |

Congratulations to psychology professor Jeff Buchanan and his research team from New England Cognitive Center for their work on this cognitive training program with VINE in Mankato.

The multi-week trainings known as “Mind Aerobics,” created by the New England Cognitive Center, include activities designed to test participants’ cognitive abilities. The exercises measure six cognitive functions ranging from reaction time to memory to language.

“My hope ultimately with this is these types of programs can be part of a comprehensive lifestyle program and possibly delay the onset of dementia,” he said.

Research suggests remaining socially and physically active may help reduce dementia’s onset. Buchanan said staying mentally active shows similar positive results in early research. Please contact VINE at (507) 387-1666 to learn more on how you can get involved with the Mind Academy program.

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