Climate Action Plan Receives Statewide Award

January 02, 2020 |

In May 2019, the Minnesota State University, Mankato Climate Action Plan received a statewide award in the large employerr sustainability category from the Environmental Initiative for its Energy Savings and Sustainability project. The project was a combined effort with the Environmental Committee, facilities management and the Urban & Regional Studies Institute. URSI graduate students served as the writing team for the initiative as part of their studio project four years ago. They were able to help set the foundation for what has become a very successful initiative.

As a result of the statewide recognition received for the award, Minnesota State Mankato was chosen as the host for the 2019 Environmental Congress held in December. The event was organized by the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board. The board strives to use environmental resources wisely in its events. It selected a venue with a climate action plan, and we are reducing waste by using reusable service ware, collecting organic material, and limiting the use of paper.

Read more about the project.

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