Third Way Civics Teachers' Institute

Tuesday, June 28, 2022
9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Edina Campus | 7700 France Ave S # 500

Third Way Civics Teachers' Institute Flyer.jpgThe Third Way Civics initiative seeks to transcend today’s divisive “history wars” by honing student and teacher appreciation for the complexity of American political development and their ability to talk and work across political differences. It is built on the idea that curiously engaging in debates from our past can help us more productively engage across differences today. This workshop engages teachers in the same primary source-based, student-directed inquiry and action that we hope they will apply in their own classrooms. The ultimate goal is to help teachers put the nation’s historical and contemporary divisions in context and transform them into opportunities for their students’ and their own civic growth.

Goal: In this three (3) day workshop we will work with teachers on how to take the classes they are already teaching and create a series of lesson/unit plans that reflect the Third Way Civics model. 

Who: This class is for 6-12 grade social studies teachers who primarily teach classes in U.S. History. 

What Teachers Will Receive: Each participant will be required to register for a 2-credit graduate workshop from Minnesota State University, Mankato (HIST 590).  Once they have completed the workshop, each participant will be given a $1,000 stipend to help cover the cost of the grad credits and any travel expenses incurred.  Teachers will also be given the opportunity to learn about Third Way Civics, work with other colleagues and will be given time to work on their own classes for the following school year. 

To participate in this workshop, please complete this online application:

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Dr. Kyle Ward

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