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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

What Can I Do With This Degree

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Public & private schools, colleges/universities

Earn a graduate degree for college/university teaching opportunity;

Take research methods and computer courses especially on SPSS;

Focus on qualitative, quantitative and evaluation research methods

Human services
Program development

Federal, state & county agencies such as Health & Human Services; Housing & Urban Development;  State & local government; and Peace Corps

Do internships to gain work experiences in state & local government agencies;

Develop multicultural counseling skills;
Develop new social programs for ethnic/new immigrant communities;

Apply communication, computer and research skills in the workplace;

Volunteer to join the military to help shape your future career and education

Human Resources

Staffing agencies
Service industries

Apply cross-cultural training and diversity management skills in the workplace;

Seek management positions


Additional Information

  1. An undergraduate degree in ethnic studies is good for many entry level positions in government and business
  2. An undergraduate degree is a good preparation for many doctoral programs in the social sciences, and professional programs such as Law (J.D.), and Business (MBA)
  3. Earn a Graduate Diversity Certificate which provides students with basic knowledge, values, and skills related to ethnic and culturally diverse communities
  4. For human resources or services positions, do an internship with a population of interest such as new immigrants, school children, adults, disabled, and veterans. Through internship you can gain work experience, and develop cross-cultural training skills

Click [PDF] here (2 MiB) to see the presentation on what you can do with the BS in Ethnic Studies.