Common Registration Terms

  • Registration Window - The exact day/time you can register for classes. Located in E-services
  • Access Code- Code required to register for classes for 1st year students in SBS under 30 credits. You must meet with your advisor to discuss classes to get this code.
  • Registration Hold- A hold impacts your ability to register. If you have a hold, it will be on your E-services dashboard or your DARs (degree audit report) when you log in. Click here to learn about holds and how to resolve them.
  • E-services- Is where you go to search for courses, register for classes, and see you DARs.
  • Degree Audit Report (DARS) - DARs is a degree audit report that outlines requirements to graduate. Bring an updated DARs to every advisor meeting.
  • Registration Errors or Problems- Errors received when you try to enroll in a class.


Preparing to Meet with your Advisor

  1. Schedule an appointment with your advisor by emailing, calling, using MavConnect (if an option) or going to your advisor’s office.
  2. Know what you want to discuss with them. Write down your questions ahead of time.
    • Examples of questions: What are the admission requirements/processes for the major? How can I get involved in my major? What types of career fields to people pursue with this major? Do I need a minor, and what would be a good minor for my career interests?
  3. Bring your Degree Audit Report (DARs) and/or transcript to the meeting and whatever other materials that will be useful for the meeting.


Using E-Services for Registration

Watch these short videos on how to use E-services!


Common Registration and Advising Resources