Academic Advising

Welcome to the SBS Advising Center. We serve as academic advisors for first year students, a resource for all students in Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) regarding academic concerns, academic policies and procedures, general education advising, and referrals to other resources on campus.

Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) Advising Center
114 Armstrong Hall

Advisors: Melissa (Mel) Iverson and Jodie Ward

Schedule an Appointment with the SBS Advising Center

  • To schedule an appointment Online: Use MavConnect.
  • Call to schedule: 507-389-2416 or
  • Visit Armstrong Hall 114 (AH 114) to schedule!

Advising Structure in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

  • First year students under 30 credits are assigned to the SBS Advising Center
  • After 30 credits, a student is assigned a faculty/major advisor for major advising and involvement.
  • All students are encouraged to visit the Advising Center for general education, general advising, and application for graduation questions.

Faculty/Staff Advisor vs. Advising Center Advisor

Faculty / Staff Advisor:

  • Major course advising and questions
  • Admission to major requirements and processes
  • Internships and career fields
  • Research opportunities
  • Study abroad opportunities
  • Transfer of credit related to major course work
  • To find your advisor, click here.

SBS Advising Center:

  • First Year Advising
  • General education questions and advising
  • General advising questions
  • Support and tutoring resources on campus
  • Academic warning and probation advising
  • Questions about applying for graduation
  • Schedule a meeting with an Advising Center advisor by calling 507-389-2416 or using MavConnect

**We recommend that each student meets with their advisor once a semester.

Declaring your Major/Minor/Certificate OR Changing your Advisor

The Major Button allows you to update your academic record easily, with updated information about your major, minor, or certificate that you may be pursuing. If you need to make a change to your catalog year or want to request a change in advisors, you can do that here as well. Then, stay tuned to your MavMail for information about the changes you have requested.

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