Information Session for Study Abroad in Cuba: Session 2

Wednesday, October 9, 2019
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
AH 211

Interested in a trip to Cuba over spring break? Attend an informational session to find out more about the course curriculum, study abroad itinerary, travel costs, and any questions you may have. You do not have to commit to the trip to attend these sessions & you do not have to be a history major to participate.

The trip will take place between March 7-12, 2020. Before travelling to Cuba, students will learn about Cuba’s strategic and economic importance to the Spanish colonial empire and, after 1901, Cuba’s diplomatic and financial value to the United States. The study abroad component begins in Havana, a city of two million people that has an exciting history and vibrant arts scene. Students will visit important and interesting sites related to both colonial and Cold War Cuban History. You will walk the beaches of the Bay of Pigs, the site of the failed 1961 invasion that helped determine the future course of U.S. Cuban relations. You will also get to explore the streets of Trinidad, a UNESCO world heritage site that is home to historical colonial sugar plantations.

Other activities include:

  • Live concerts featuring Cuban musicians and dancers
  • Stay in homes with Cuban families
  • Listen to local scholars discuss their nation’s culture and traditions
  • Visit historical museums & sites
  • Free time at the beach
  • Experience Cuban cuisine & art

Dr. Matt Loayza:
Dr. Chad McCutchen:

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