History Lecture Series

Spring 2021 Events:

The Hunger Belt: Food Justice and Black Farmers in the Twentieth- Century South

Presenter: Dr. Angela Jill Cooley
January 25, 2021


Tamim Ansary:World History in the Global Age: The Role of Narrative

The history of the world is not somesingle fixed thing hidden under apile of facts. It is inevitably a somebody-centric world-historical narrative that explain how "we" got to where we are today. Comparing EuroCentric world history to an Islamocentric one reveals that the shape of the narrative always depends on the teller of the tale: who is "we"? This raises the question, however: can we construct a world history that takes the "we"to be all of humanity? If so, whatwould that narrative look like?
Presenter: Dr. Tamin Ansary
Feburary 22, 2021

Baised Books: A Discussion of History Textbooks

Panelists: Dr. Jameel Haque, Dr. Chad McCutchen, Dr. Agnes Odinga & Dr. Kyle Ward
View a recording of this event, which was held March 22, 2021: