Laura Harrison, Associate Professor | Department Chair

Address: Morris Hall
Phone: (507)-389-1490


Laura Harrison received her doctorate in Gender Studies from Indiana University. Her first book, Brown Bodies, White Babies: The Politics of Cross-racial Surrogacy (NYU Press, 2016) examines the implications of surrogacy arrangements for contemporary understandings of race, kinship, and gender. Her next book project, Losing Sleep: Risk, Responsibility, and Infant Sleep Safety entails a multi-sited analysis of debates surrounding infant sleep safety, and how the ability to protect oneself from state intervention into childrearing is stratified by race and class privilege. Her work on subjects ranging from surrogacy, reproductive politics, representations of motherhood, race and public health, reproductive justice, and gender and feminist backlash appears in journals including Signs, Frontiers, Feminist Formations, Genders, Feminist Media Studies, and Women’s Studies International Forum.

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