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American Indigenous Studies

American Indigenous Studies (AIS) provides a broad and interdisciplinary understanding of Indigenous Americans, especially the Dakota peoples, and their respective ways of life in the past, present, and future.


At Minnesota State Mankato, students explore each of the four sub-fields of anthropology—archaeology, biological, sociocultural and linguistic—and interact with faculty who have worked in the field around the world.


A Corrections major prepares students for work in the criminal justice system. The major is built on a foundation of sociological & criminological theory and evidence-based practice. Through academic and experiential learning the program promotes the values of social justice, respect, and tolerance.

Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice program is for students who want to serve in one of the governmental or social institutions tasked with enforcing laws and serving communities affected by crime.

Earth Science

Earth Systems Science is an interdisciplinary field of study focusing on our planet’s connected natural systems of the atmosphere, biosphere, cryosphere, geosphere, hydrosphere, pedosphere, and our place in the cosmos.


The Economics program offers students a general and useful degree that suits many different career goals, yet it is also flexible enough to allow students interested in research at the undergraduate level to learn the skills to develop a solid and original quantitative paper.

Ethnic Studies

Ethnic Studies is an interdisciplinary program, academically committed to promoting multicultural and ethnic knowledge, skills and values both within and outside the United States and to preparing our students for effective participation in culturally diverse global communities.

Gender & Women's Studies

The Gender & Women's Studies Department at Minnesota State University, Mankato contributes to feminist and social concerns through undergraduate and graduate degree programs and courses. We appeal to a wide variety of disciplines, professions, research interests, and ideological perspectives.


Geography studies the interactions between people and our environment, and it uses cutting-edge geospatial technologies to solve real-world problems. Geospatial technologies provide students with skills in high demand in the workforce.


The Department of History prepares students for the future by helping them understand how the past affects the present and develop critical thinking and rhetorical skills. Our graduates are poised to become leaders, teachers, lawyers and more.

International Relations

The International Relations degree offers students the opportunity to study the way countries and governments interact with each other on the global stage and how those interactions affect other countries.

Law Enforcement

The Law Enforcement program offers students an accredited Bachelor of Science degree to pursue employment or a minor to explore the field of study.

Nonprofit Leadership

The Nonprofit Leadership Program (NPL) prepares students for careers and service in the ever-growing nonprofit sector. This interdisciplinary program can be completed online, and students on or near campus can select from a greater number of courses that are part of the program.

Political Science

Political Science focuses on the politics and policy of the United States. Students can direct their studies to study particular policy issues like racial & ethnic policy or environmental policy, or look at US policies comparatively with international politics and policy.

Social Studies

The Social Studies Education major is the step along the way to becoming a licensed 5th-12th grader Social Studies teacher. This is an accredited program and prepares future teachers to teach subjects such as history, geography, economics, political science, psychology and sociology.


The sociology program at Minnesota State, Mankato leads to careers in academic and applied settings including human services, government, business, nonprofit organizations and social action organizations.

Urban and Regional Studies

The Urban and Regional Studies Institute offers interdisciplinary, national award-winning, accredited undergraduate and graduate degree programs oriented toward examining and understanding the broad range of problems and challenges associated with the nation's urban and regional areas.