SBS Insights

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SBS Insights is a faculty research series from the College of Social & Behavioral Sciences hosted by Dean Matt Loayza. Each episode faculty from the college discuss their work focused on public service and addressing social issues.

Dr. Jameel Haque 

Dr. Jameel Haque is an assistant professor in the History Department, specializing in the History of the Modern Middle East. He is currently the director of the Middle Eastern Studies and Islamic World program and is also the director of the Kessel Peace Institute, whose mission is dedicated to advancing the understanding and the existence of peace at all levels, from the individual to the global community.

Dr. Chelsea Mead

Dr. Chelsea Mead is an associate professor in the Anthropology Department and American Indigenous Studies Program, specializing in language revitalization and Indigenous Education. She serves as the coordinator for the Ojibwe language partnership with Bemidji State University and collaborates with the College of Education to expand future teachers' opportunities to learn Indigenous languages and prepare to serve Indigenous students in their classrooms.

Dr. Saiful Islam

Dr. Saiful Islam is an Associate Professor in the Department of Sociology. Dr. Islam is a medical sociologist who conducts research on health and health care related issues from organizational and political perspectives. His particular interests included public policy, interest groups, state response to federal policies, and organizational change management etc.

Note: At the time of filming, Dr. Islam was Assistant Professor and has since been promoted to Associate Professor.