College Mission and Values


The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences is a community of diverse learners seeking to understand and transform the social world through inquiry, inspiration, service and innovation.

Core Values

  • Diversity: Our uniqueness as individuals and as a collective is an asset and serves as a source of strength.
  • Learning: The foundation of knowledge as both a valued end and a means to success.
  • Engagement: Passion, involvement, critical thinking, and collaboration are nurtured among all learners.
  • Equity: The assurance of access, belonging, and opportunity shapes our approach and our actions.
  • Innovation: Creativity advances knowledge through research and scholarship for improving lives.
  • Integrity: Ethics and honesty guide our curriculum, values, words, and actions.

Strategic Directions

  • Increase our value to students and their success by refining our programs, systems and practices.
  • Improve the 2nd Year Experience to increase retention and graduation rates.
  • Collaborate internally and externally to increase scholarship, learning and diversity.
  • Increase flexibility in faculty and staff work, expectations and load.
  • Improve infrastructure and space utilization while influencing a One Space/Place Plan.