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An Internship is an opportunity to gain experience in a private, public, or community organization. Either a Community Internship or Teaching Internship is required in the M.S. program.

Community Internships

A Community Internship may provide a means for:

  • Pursuing an interest in a particular field of work, or organization.
  • Gaining work and/or activist experience and practical skills.
  • Gathering insight and/or data for the Thesis or APP.
  • Making contacts which might be useful in establishing a future career.

The Community Internship is coordinated and partially supervised by the internship coordinator, who is a Gender & Women's Studies faculty member, with cooperation from the on-site agency supervisor. Numerous kinds of internships are possible. A list of local, state, and national placement sites is maintained by the faculty internship coordinator in Gender & Women's Studies. Other offices on campus provide additional sources for finding out about internship opportunities (for example, the Library and the Career Development and Placement Office). Local women's support agencies in the Mankato area demonstrate a genuine interest in working with Gender & Women's Studies students.

You may enroll for up to 6 graduate credits; three credits are required to fulfill the M.S. or M.A. degree. Internships may be full-time or part-time, for one or more semesters. An approximate equation for credit hours to intern working hours is: if you take a three credit hour internship, you should plan to work about 7 hours/week for one semester.

Community Internship handbook

Teaching Internships

The Teaching Internship equates to approximately the same commitment of time as a community internship. Teaching Internships are arranged with the faculty member with whom you teach with mutual agreement on goals and expectations. For students who wish to apply for a Graduate Teaching Assistantship in the Gender & Women's Studies Department at MSU, the Feminist Pedagogy course is required; however, experienced teachers may have that requirement waived.

 [DOC] Teaching Internship Handbook (68 KiB)