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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Collective Action Project

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The collective action project has become a tradition within the department lasting over 20 years. It is designed by the incoming graduate students each fall as part of GWS 600 Collective Action. The graduate students design a project that embodies the strategies for group organizing presented within the classroom. The project highlights the department’s commitment to feminism both in theory and activism.

A few projects over the years have focused on:

2013: Created a presentation and photo exhibit on campus to counter they print media shows bodies.

2012: Created the CANVUS PROJECT, which documents the stories of survivors of IPV and DV.

2011: Created a sex education curriculum and presented it to high schools within Mankato.

2010: Exposing birth clinics that claim to be helping women in Mankato.

2009: Started a feminist zine titled Making Waves.

2008: Focused on salary inequality on campus.

2007: Organized fundraiser for CADA (Communities Against Domestic Abuse).

2006: Created and hosted an open forum for the discussion of pornography.

2005: Creation of a directory of women own businesses within Mankato.


Collective Action Spotlight


The CANVAS PROJECT (Collective Action for Non-Violence Around Storytelling)

Using a feminist anti-violence lens, we were able to create a safe space for survivors of violence to come together to tell their stories as a form of empowerment and healing. These stories were collected and used to create an educational video. The video was then used as a supplement to a workshop aimed at raising awareness of the prevalence of many types of violence on campus. The aim of the video and workshop was to put faces in front of statistics, without objectifying the people who have faced violence. The workshop enhances participants’ awareness of interlocking forms of gender-based violence.​​

Here is the final video.