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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Graduate Tuition Scholarships

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In addition to Graduate Assistantship and HUD Community Development Fellowship awards, URSI recognizes that graduate students may need assistance in covering the increasing cost of tuition. Through the generous gifts of alumni, faculty and friends, URSI has created several scholarships designed to assist with the tuition expenses of full-time graduate students.

Application Process: Application forms are available from the Department. Priority will be given to applications received prior to April 1 for the Fall Semester, and prior to October 15 for the Spring Semester. In no case will an application be considered after the 10th day of the official start of the semester for which the scholarship is requested. The number of awards is limited by the availability of funds.

Barrett Tuition Scholarship

The Robert A. Barrett Scholarship is named in honor of the founding Chair of the Urban & Regional Studies Institute. Throughout his long career, as a professor and as an elected official, Bob devoted himself to advancing the cause of local government management. The Barrett Scholarship provides tuition awards for graduate students who are pursuing a specialization in urban management.

An award of $1,000 a semester is made from the scholarship supplemented by $3,500 from Institute funds.  Applicants must be new or current full-time students who have earned a minimum of 3.0 in their URSI courses (or, for newly admitted students, who have earned at least a 3.0 undergraduate GPA) and who are working toward a graduate specialization in urban management. Students who do not directly pay their own tuition (e.g. students whose employers reimburse tuition expenses in full) are not eligible for this award.

Patrick Kelly Scholarship

The Patrick Kelly Award is named in honor of a former North Mankato city councilman who was known for his passion for government service and his strong interest in fiscal responsibility. The award is designed to help students who are interested in local government finance to obtain professional experience through internships, professional conferences, and workshop attendance.

The award is available to students who major in Urban Studies and who are seeking an internship that will provide training in local government finance or who wish to attend a national professional conference or national workshop that focuses on local government finance (e.g., ICMA, GFOA, etc.). Applicants should supply:

  • A letter of intent, which explains what activity the student proposes to pursue and how it relates to the student's coursework and professional development
  • A resume and two letters of recommendation
  • A proposed budget for the activity

Deadline is March 31 for Summer/Fall award and October 31 for Spring award. Size of the award depends on available funds.

Graduate Student Travel Awards

In addition, the Department will consider a student's request to provide some support for attending a national or regional professional conference. The amount of support will depend on available funds, and the student will be expected to represent the department at the conference (by making a conference presentation, by assisting conference organizers, by recruiting prospective students, etc.) and to report back to the student organization (SURSI– Students of the Urban & Regional Studies Institute) on what was learned at the conference. Application is by a letter or request to the department, and should include a statement about the relevance of the conference to the student's professional development, the role the student will play at the conference, and a proposed budget. Students will also be expected to request support from the College and (if appropriate) other units of the University.