27 August 2002 Mankato Public Achievement joseph.kunkel@mnsu.edu
How to create a permission slip.

Permission slips are a VERY important "must" in Public Achievement. there are certain ways that things should be done, so always remember to follow these criteria, and help remind others to do so as well.

What do you need on a permission slip?
You need the time, date, and destination of the event/field trip. Tell who will be providing transportion. (Are you renting a bus, taking your car or getting parents to drive? ) Include when students will leave and return, if extra transportation needs to be arranged for sports, etc. What will you be doing on this field trip? Include the names and phone numbers of the adults and other contact people, along with Jill Hurd's name and number at school (387-5077). Create a place for the sttuent's name, and a place for a parent/guardian signature and date. You can add a deadline when slips are due back as well. Permission splis that are sent home with cover letters are a good idea.

Chaperone Policy
In PA we require at least two adult chaperones for any group of students. If the group of students is composed of both boys and girls you need chaperones of each gender. For large groups our rule of thumb is one chaperone for every 10-12 students.

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Permission Slip

Return this form no later than this date: ___________________________

Date: __________________________

My student ______________________________________________________________________________________ , has my permission to

attend the Public Achievement event or field trip ____________________________________________________________________________

which will take place on Friday, November 11, 2002. I understand that Jane Doe will be providing transportation to and from this event. They will be

going to ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

The purpose or activity is to ____________________________________________________________________________________________

They will leave Dakota Meadows Middle School at __________________________am / pm and return at ________________________ am / pm.

Trip particicpants _________will return to school after the normal school day is over. Therefore we need to make these arrangements:

Trip participants __________will return to school before the normal school day is over. Therefore no special arrangements are needed.

If you have any questions or concerns please call _________________________________ at this phone number __________________________.

If you are able to chaperone or would like to be part of this day please call the school or indicate so on this form.

_____ Yes, my child has my permission to attend _____ No, my student does not have my permission to attend

_____ Yes, I would like to chaperone.

Signature ___________________________________________________________

Date ______________________________________ Phone Number ___________________________________________

________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________

Parent or Guardian Signature