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Responsibilities of Coach Mentors
In Mankato Public Achievement, one professor works with 28-35 university student-coaches and 150-200 seventh and eight graders. A program of this size is possible in part because each year 4-5 coaches from the previous year return for a semester or two and serve as coach mentors. Here are the responsibilities of these veteran coaches:

1. Training and Orientation of Coaches
Plan and participate in training of coaches. Lead the initial coach preparation workshop. Lead later class sessions or debriefing sessions in which we will try to address the practice of PA coaching.

2. Team Monitoring and Assistance
You will be the mentor for a cluster of coaches and teams. Visit these teams during the Thursday P.A. meetings. Try to help the coaches. Create a relationship of trust and mutual support. Coaches should feel that you are there to help and to share their burdens, not to spy.

3. Debriefing
Some weeks you will facilitate the debriefing session for your cluster of coaches.

4. Communication
You should help increase communication and information sharing among all those involved in P.A. Visit with your coaches and Dr. Kunkel when possible. Fill out the Peer Observation Feedback Form for any coaches you observe. Make two copies. Give one to the coach and one to Professor Kunkel. If we institute an on-line feedback form or chat room use that.

5. Substitute coaching
Be prepared to step in as a substitute coach for one of the teams if needed. This may be on short notice.

7. Weekly PA Coordinating Council
Participate in the weekly meetings with Dr. Kunkel and the other mentors and coordinators on Tuesday at 2:00.

8. Public Achievement Workshop
Attend at least one of the Public Achievement workshops or events sponsored by the National office or Minnesota P.A. team. Be open to taking a leadership role at one of these events.

9. Final Report
At the end of your service as a mentor (either December or May) write a short evaluation report commenting on the entire experience and what you learned. In this report you will evaluate your teams and their work, your contribution and what you have learned about democracy, citizenship and politics.

10. Grading
Those mentors registering for a class with Dr. Kunkel will receive an A grade if they carry out the above responsibilities to the best of their ability. If your contribution is not satisfactory at any point Dr. Kunkel will tell you.

Public Achievement Mini-grant

Fill out this form to apply for your grant. You may continue on additional pages if necessary, but please be brief. Be as specific as possible about how much you would like and why you need to fund this from a minigrant.


Amount Requested:

Problem or Issue Summary: Describe your problem or issue in 50 words or less. Why is it a “public” problem or issue? Who is affected by it?

Project: Briefly describe the project you are working on and what it has to do with the problem or issue.

Funding Request: How much are you requesting? What will the funds be used for?

Other funding: Could you fund this from some other source? How much other funding do you need and how are you trying to raise it?

Out of school aspect: Our funding is from Mankato Area Healthy Youth to encourage positive activities outside of normal school hours. Please explain how this funding will help you be involved in out-of -school activity?

Previous funding: If you have already received a PA grant, please explain how you spent those funds and why you will use funds from the second round.

Deliver your proposal to to Professor Joe Kunkel



Team Members:

Thanks to Mankato Area Healthy Youth for supporting Public Achievement