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The Tool Box

Here are some resources for those interested in the work of Mankato PA leadership team. Coach coordinator, coach, site coordinator etc. may find some of these items useful.

Final Report Assignment for POLS 381/HON 450

Coaches and teams must get school approval and file this ACT report with the PA office for major actions they are planning. Actions include, but are not limited to   Conducting surveys or petitions, Field Trips, Dances and other after school events, Publications (paper, web, video), Assemblies, Announcements on PA system, Drives and collections, Fundraising efforts, Guest Speakers, Videos, Putting up posters in school.

Permission Slips and Chaperone Policy
Permission slips are a very important "must" in PA. Here are some guidelines and a sample permission slip. We also state our chaperone policy here.

Ice-breakers, Team builders, Games and Activities
This page is a start on listing these valuable resources for PA. The activities from the Green book, from the October 2001 coach training workshop and some tried here at Mankato PA are included. Let us know what you try and how it works.

Coach Preparation Day This is the plan we used for the all-day coach orientation workshop on Saturday Sept. 9, 2000 at Dakota Meadows Middle School.

Issue Brainstorming in Small Groups
We try to help PA students think about issues prior to the issues assembly. PA students brainstorm in small groups, randomly formed, with coaches favilitating. This is usually the coaches' first meeting with the middle school students.

Coach Manual ("Yellow Book")
Mankato PA coaches asked for more guidance. This manual gives suggestions on how to practice the key elements of PA in the first seven meeting. There is also a check list at the end as a reminder to watch key elements and a glossary of core concepts.

Public Achievement Essentials
This document was drafted for the PA National Working group and presented for feedback at the Koinonia Conference on June 21, 2000.

PA Minigrants
Here is the application form teams can submit to request funds for their projects. We are able to offer this funding because of our grant from Mankato Area Healthy Youth.

Guidelines for Visitors & Observers of PA Teams
Here are some basic guidelines that coach mentors, site coordinator, teacher-liasons and Professor K should follow when visiting teams.

Responsibilities of Our Coach-Mentors
In Mankato Public Achievement, one professor works with 28-35 university student-coaches and 150-200 seventh and eight graders. A program of this size is possible in part because each year 4-5 coaches from the previous year return for a semester or two and serve as coach mentors. Here are the responsibilities of these veteran coaches

Best Practices 1999-2000
This document was drafted for sharing at the Koinonia Conference in June, 2000. It lists some of our best practices, success stories and obstacles.

At the end of the year (May 2000 and 2001) our coaches were asked to list how many students in their team did any item on this list of activities at least once. For example how many: voted in the group; helped shape a meeting agenda; served as a meeting facilitator etc.

Coaching the Coaches
This document was drafted for sharing at the Koinonia Conference in June, 2000. It lists some of the ways we try to train, support, monitor and learn from coaches.