May 23, 2000 Draft


  1. Participation in Public Achievement is voluntary.
  2. Public Achievement involves children, youth and adults all of whom are treated as citizens.
  3. Citizens participating in Public Achievement work in small groups known as teams.
  4. Teams usually include younger citizens and an older citizen known as a coach. The mission of the coach is to guide, facilitate and educate the other team members to become effective citizens. Strictly speaking the coach is not a leader or a teacher.
  5. PA teams adopt their own rules and consequences. However in PA teams involving youth the coach is the adult with immediate responsibility for keeping the team on task, enforcing rules and maintaining order.
  6. Citizens in PA join teams to work on issues or problems in which they have an interest. Citizens form teams based on their choice.
  7. PA team meetings are public and must strive to be democratic. The equal participation of all is the ideal.
  8. Coaches must be oriented and prepared in the philosophy, concepts and techniques of PA using the Green Book, or other PA documents.
  9. PA teams engage only in actions that are legal, peaceful, nonviolent and respectful of and civil toward other people.
  10. Teams practice regular self-evaluation as a way of learning, planning and improving. They use democratic core concepts and language and rotate roles in meetings.
  11. Coaches must meet together to evaluate and debrief PA meetings and to continue their preparation. (Must debriefing immediately follow PA or can it happen later?)