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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Dakota Meadows Middle School




Coaches and teams must get school approval and file this ACT report with the PA
office for major actions they are planning. Actions include, but are not limited to:

·      Conducting surveys or petitions

·      Field Trips

·      Dances and other after school events

·      Publications (paper, web, video)

·      Assemblies

·      Announcements on PA system

·      Drives and collections

·      Fundraising efforts

·      Guest Speakers

·      Videos

·      Putting up posters in school



Team Name/Issue: _                                           ______________________________________


Grade: _____________________     


Coach(s):__________                                                              ____________________________


Briefly explain the planned action, event, project,


















Other Information

Realities Check those that apply. Attach additional information if needed.


Is transportation necessary? ___yes     ___no



If yes HOW will it be provided?

Teachers Contacted?

Will students miss class? ___yes     ___no


Teachers must be notified. Students must get an ̶Advance Assignment Make-Up Form.”



Are Chaperones needed? ___yes     ___no


If yes WHO is expected to serve?

Attach list or explanation of how many, mix of genders, names if possible.


Permission Slip

Is a permission slip needed? ___yes     ___no


Attach a copy if available.


Will money be raised?            ___yes     ___no

Who will turn in funds into PA office?


Will money be spent?             ___yes     ___no

What is the source?




Conditions (“only if”)

To be filled out by school authority. Questions remaining, people you must talk to, other information needed before action approved.







Preliminary Approval                                            Date: ______________________________

OK by one of these means you may proceed with planning.

But you must get signature of school authority below.

Chris Boyce             ____________________


Dr. Joseph Kunkel _________________   __


Coach Mentor        _______________   ____



School Authority Approval                                    Date: _____________________________

Signature by ONE of the following is required


Teacher Liaison

7th Grade

Kathy Oberle     _______________   ____

Ethan Anderson_______________   ____


8th Grade

Gina Stattelman _______________   ____

Mike Schaffer     _______________   ____







Jane Schuck         _______________   ____


Procedure for A.C.T.


Use the guidelines of the (pink) PA GUIDETO GETTING THINGS DONE AT DMMS.

The ACT form does supercede some of the points on that form.


1. Coaches and Teams

Teams should participate in filling out the ACT form. Coach approval is assumed on an ACT form.


2. School Authority Approval

Teams and coaches should go first to the teacher liaisons. Teacher liaisons will decide if principal needs to be contacted.


3. Turning in the ACT form

Forms should be turned in ONLY to Chris Boyce the PA coordinator.

The Principal, Teacher Liaisons, Mentors, Dr. Kunkel should not accept the forms.

Mr. Boyce will make a copy for the PA files and put a copy in the team box. Team should keep their copy of the form.


4. Using and Improving the ACT

We invite feedback and suggestions on how to improve the form and process. This process does not guarantee there will be no mix-ups or problems.


5. Money

Coaches and teams should not hold onto funds any longer than necessary. Any cash raised should be turned over to Mr. Boyce who record a deposit and will keep it safely in an envelope in the PA treasury. We may deposit larger amounts in the PA checking account. Coaches and teams should deal with Mr. Boyce for withdrawals. Money not used for its purpose at the end of the PA year will become part of the PA general treasury.