Urban & Regional Studies MA

Page address: http://sbs.mnsu.edu/ursi/graduate/urbanstudies.html

Credits Required to Complete Program – 36 credits

The Master of Arts is a multidisciplinary degree program orientated toward examining and understanding the broad range of problems and opportunities associated with the nation's urban and regional areas. Students in the degree program may prepare themselves for professional careers in local government, or use the degree as preparation for Ph.D. study. The program requirements are designed to provide flexibility while ensuring a multidisciplinary, problem-solving perspective.

Required Core (24 credits)


·       URBS 501, Foundations (3 Credits)

·       URBS 502, Urban Analysis (3 Credits)

·       URBS 512, Public Information and Involvement (3 Credits)

·       URBS 603, Organizational Environment (3 Credits)

·       URBS 650, Administrative Services (3 Credits)

·       URBS 651, Urban Finance Systems (3 Credits)

·       URBS 667, Studio (3 Credits)

URBS 697, Internship (3 Credits)

  • *a previous course in statistics is expected

Restricted Elective Concentration (12 credits)

Student chooses 12 elective credits from URSi and other departments, with consent of advisor