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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Mission and Goals

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The Urban & Regional Studies Institute will offer undergraduate and graduate education that will prepare quality theorists, local government professionals, and community leaders.

Masters of Art in Urban Studies (MAUP) Mission
The Urban and Regional Studies Institute prepares graduate students through its MAUS program, which incorporates theory, practical application, and professional ethics and leadership training, with the specific intent of providing comprehensive education and training for professional employment in local and regional government management.


Urban Studies is an applied, interdisciplinary field. It combines theory and practice to arrive at 'informed action' in urban and regional affairs.

  1. Our primary concern is our students and their success in the classroom, in careers, in life. We encourage a pattern of life-long learning for staff and students.
    • URSI will provide strong professional graduate programs that are aligned with student interest and market needs and are recognized for their high quality by program graduates, relevant professional associations, and potential employers.
    • URSI will offer strong undergraduate education that will provide students with an interdisciplinary perspective on community issues and problem solving.
    • URSI will provide an effective advising program to help its students accomplish their academic, career, civic, and personal goals.
    • URSI faculty will pursue professional development opportunities related to teaching and service to students.
  2. Our teaching is based on a model of the learner as adult. Teaching and learning is collaborative, experience-based, and service-oriented.
    • URSI will be a learning community of faculty, students, and staff, encouraging intellectual exchanges, mentoring, and collaborations both inside and outside the classroom. It will be a community based on civility, trust, respect and diversity.
    • Our curriculum will seek to offer experiential learning opportunities, such as field trips, internships, service learning, volunteer activity, and study abroad options.
    • URSI will provide strong general education course work for all MSU students that will broaden their understanding of the city and teach the life skills of critical and creative thinking, oral and written communication, individual and group problem solving, and appreciation of diversity and democratic values.
    • URSI will offer continuing education programs to meet the life-long learning needs of professionals in the region.
    • URSI will prepare students to work with the new technologies which they will find in their workplace.
  3. Our research is the testing, application, and communication of knowledge in real-world settings. It is a cooperative effort between faculty, students, and community, especially local government agencies.
    • URSI faculty and students will engage in research and scholarly activity which demonstrates on-going intellectual involvement with and contribution to the communities which we serve.
  4. Our graduates are recognized nationwide for their ability to bring a comprehensive, problem-solving philosophy to professional careers in local government and community leadership.
    • URSI graduates will demonstrate the ability to combine complex concepts from a variety of disciplines, place specific issues in their broader context, create social change, work creatively with diversity, and work in a professional and ethical manner in collaboration with the public they serve.
    • URSI students, as part of their program, will work in partnership with community organizations in projects such as internships, studio, Community-based Problem Solving, and service learning opportunities.
  5. Our reputation as a teaching program has a primary focus on local government and non-profit organizations.
    • URSI will implement an annual assessment plan and will modify its programs based on the findings.
    • URSI will manage its resources efficiently and responsibly to improve student learning opportunities, facilitate professional growth, and provide service to communities and to non-profit organizations.