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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Transfer Students

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Transfer Credit for Prior Educational Achievement

Students desiring to transfer to Minnesota State University, Mankato for any degree program must first make formal application through the University's Admissions Office, 122 Taylor Center, Mankato MN 56001-8400; Phone: 507-389-1822.

Transfer students must meet the same admission and retention standards required of any students who study at Minnesota State and must have been in good standing with the institution granting previous admission. To be eligible for graduation in with a degree from MSU Mankato, transfer students must complete at least 30 credit hours at MSU Mankato and 40 credits hours at the 300-400 (upper division level).

Complete information about transfer policy may be found in the Undergraduate Bulletin available from the Admissions Office or online. On receipt of an admission application and appropriate transcripts, that office will evaluate the prior course credits that can be accepted at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

TRANSFEROLOGY is an online program that will take your courses from your current Minnesota State school and check them against the school you are interested in transferring to.  Follow the link, TRANSFEROLOGY ,  for more information about this option. 

"Advising U" is a service of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (CSBS) which helps students who are interested in transfering to one of the CSBS's Programs, such as ours, Social Work. Click on the "Advising U" link to find resources to help with your transfer plans. 

Credit Applied Toward Major

Social work is a professional major. A traditional and integral part of preparation for social work practice is advisement. Advising involves a responsibility shared equally by students and faculty advisor to assess the students academic, attitudinal and personal characteristics that relate to their motivation and readiness for assuming a professional role. This process necessitates that students and faculty have sufficient time to develop positive and productive relationships. In order to assure that this occurs, all students transferring to Minnesota State Mankato with a Social Work major must take at least twenty-six credit hours within the program regardless of the number of social work credit hours they have accrued elsewhere.

Required SOWK General Education, SOWK Foundation, & Integrative Courses. Credit for classroom courses in social work taken at other institutions will be evaluated on an individual basis by the student's faculty advisor or by the department chairperson. The student will be expected to provide course syllabi including assignments and texts used. If a favorable decision is reached, it will be submitted to the Registrar on a Substitution and/or Waiver Request form. This form will become a part of the student's permanent record providing assurance that the waiver will be honored when requirements for graduation are evaluated.

Junior Field Experience (SOWK 315). Non-classroom field experience (internships) will be evaluated by the following criteria to determine whether it can substitute for SOWK 315 (Old SOWK 312) Junior Field Experience:

  1. It must have had faculty direction and evaluation evidenced by written materials.
  2. It must have had agency supervision and direction evidenced by written materials.
  3. It must have met requirements similar to those of SOWK 315 (old SOWK 312) including completion of reflection logs and/or term paper describing and evaluating the experience.
  4. It must have been of at least 120 clock hours duration.
  5. It must have involved the student in direct contact with client systems, enabled the student to understand social agency structure and process, and allowed the student to see the professional social work role in action differentiated from other human service roles.
  6. To have this internship/practicum approved, all documentation must be reviewed by either the SOWK 315 (old SOWK 312) Junior Field Coordinator or the BSSW Program Director.

Students who have met the above requirements for satisfactory completion of SOWK 315 (old SOWK 312) prior to attending Minnesota State Mankato must arrange for completion of the seminar sessions with the Junior Field Experience Coordinator. Students may also be required to complete a portion of the 120 required contact hours. Non-classroom learning or field experience which does not meet those criteria possibly may be considered for elective credits toward graduation under Independent Internship or Individual Study. 

Under no circumstances will field experience acquired elsewhere be substituted for SOWK 455: Social Work Practicum.