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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato
Department of Social Work

Tips for Success

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Finding an Advisor

The Department of Social Work believes strongly in importance of the student-advisor relationship and encourages all students to see their advisor at least once per semester before registration and also whenever they have a question about their program of study. While many questions can be answered via email, some require that the student, their paperwork, and the advisor be together. An advisor is needed for helping you to substitute classes, to apply to SOWK 312/315 Junior Field, and to apply to the Major (SOWK 441 Practice I).

If you do not have a Social Work advisor, please visit Beverly Boyd, the Department Secretary, at 358 Trafton North during normal office hours. Her phone number is 507-389-6504 or email She will help to enter you into the student system as a Pre-Social Work major and assign a faculy academic advisor. If at some later date you choose to change your advisor to another faculty member, she can help with that also.

SOWK & General Ed

The Department of Social Work is an active contributor to the General Education curriculum, with two courses meeting multiple GE Goal Area requirements and Graduation Requirements (Diverse Cultures and Writing Intensive).

  • SOWK 190W/180W Social Welfare Services is a writing intensive course that also meets GE Goals 5 & 9.
  • SOWK 214 Community Social Service Projects meets the performance and participation requirements for Goal Area 11.
  • SOWK 255 Global Response to Human Need meets Goal Areas 5 & 8, and is a designated "Purple" course for the Diverse Cultures requirement.

In addition, supporting foundation courses in each focus area that social work majors must complete outside the department can all be counted as General Education courses in different Goal Areas. Students should work with their advisor to make sure they complete the foundation and General Education requirements as efficiently as possible.