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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato
Department of Social Work

Social Welfare Minor

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Descriptions of courses listed below are available on the Undergraduate Bulletins page.

Note that the Minor is designed for people who are interested in the Social Welfare System and the role of Social Workers. The Minor DOES NOT prepare a student for professional practice as a Social Worker and does NOT make one eligible to be licensed as a social worker. 

Students who are planning to be a Social Work major (BSSW degree) CANNOT also have a Social Welfare Minor.

The two "SOWK-xxx" courses are chosen from the list of "Social Work Electives" (e.g. SOWK 415, 419, 422, 425, 427, 430, & 432); with permission of the department chair, it may be possible to substitute other SOWK courses, such as SOWK 312 or SOWK 255.

Students should work with a social work faculty member, the Department Chairperson, or the BSSW Program Director to identify what would be the most useful course(s) for your interests.

Required for Social Welfare Minor (21 credits):

  • SOWK 190W Social Welfare Services (3)
  • SOWK 210 Introduction to Social Work I (3)
  • SOWK 214 Community Social Service Projects (3)
  • SOWK 305 Human Behavior in Social Work Practice (3)
  • SOWK 412 Social Welfare Issues and Policies (3)
  • SOWK xxx (approved by social work advisor) (3)
  • SOWK xxx (approved by social work advisor) (3)


Social Welfare Minor Form