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Junior Field: SOWK 315

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What is SOWK 315: Junior Field Experience?

SOWK 315 is a beginning level social service field experience course for social work majors and social welfare minors. Students complete 120 hours of observation and service throughout a 15-week fall or spring semester or a 10-week summer session. Students attend seminars that integrate field experiences and social work values, knowledge, and practice skills.

When should I plan to complete SOWK 315?
  • SOWK 315 should be taken in the last semester of general education and foundation SOWK courses, typically after completing about 60 credits of coursework. 
  • Students should have completed SOWK 215 (aka. SOWK 180W) Social Welfare Services AND SOWK 212 Introduction to Social Work before taking this course. 
  • Students are encouraged to complete SOWK 310/310W HBSE and SOWK 315 in the same semester or to complete SOWK 310 before completing SOWK 315.
  • SOWK 315 is offered Fall, Spring, and Summer Semesters. 
Pre-Registration Steps! Students MUST complete these before they will have permission to register!
  • Students MUST attend an informational meeting about required PRE-REGISTRATION STEPS and to begin the process of finding an community agency or campus program where they carry out the Field Education Experience.
  •  The BSSW Field Program uses an online software system, Sonia, to manage the SOWK 315 Junior Field application documents and other processes. Students must attend information meeting to be added to the Sonia system begin the Junior Level Field Experience journey!
  • Students must complete an "Application Form" in Sonia, AND upload their resume and unofficial transcript.
  • Students must then secure a field experience placement and submit a Placement Agreement before they will be able to register for this course.

Faculty who teach SOWK 315 schedule a series of Junior Field Experience Information Meetings each semester. (SEE BELOW for 2018-19 Dates & Deadlines!)

Students cannot register for SOWK 315 until the faculty teaching the course gives permission. Permission is granted when the student has located an agency/program where they complete their junior field experience, AND submitted a Placement Agreement that is signed by an agency representative and the student. This MUST be completed the semester BEFORE enrollment in the course.

To Get Permission to Register for SOWK 315 Jr Field in SUMMER 2019:

Attend one of the following meetings with Dr. Laura Strunk for the 10-week summer course:

  • Mon. Feb. 11, 10am-11am, CSU 256
  • Wed. Feb. 13, 3pm-4pm, CSU 203
  • Mon. Feb. 18, 1pm-2pm, CSU 203
  • Wed. Feb. 27, 10am-11am, CSU 203

For SUMMER 315 questions Contact Dr. Laura Strunk, 

To Get Permission to Register for SOWK 315 Jr Field in FALL 2019: 

Attend one of the following meetings with Dr. Debra Gohagan or Dr. Annelies Hagemeister to begin steps needed to enroll for Fall 2019:

  • Mon. Feb. 18, 4-5pm, TN 372
  • Wed. Feb. 20, 4-5pm, TN 346
  • Tue. Feb. 26, 11am-12noon, TN 346
  • Wed. Mar. 13, 4-5pm, TN 346
  • Mon. Mar. 18, 4-5pm, TN 372
  • Tue. Mar. 19, 11am-12noon, TN 346

For FALL 315 questions Contact Dr. Debra Gohagan,