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Junior Field: SOWK 315

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Application priority deadline for students planning to complete SOWK 315 either in Summer 2018 or Fall 2018 is February  23, 2018 (tentative).

What is SOWK 315?

SOWK 315, Junior Field Experience, is a beginning level supervised field experience course with a social service agency. Students complete 120 hours of observation and agency service across either a 15 week semester or 10 week summer school. They attend weekly and/or biweekly seminars which integrates the field experience with social work values, knowledge and practice skills. 

When should I plan to complete SOWK 315?

SOWK 315 is completed when you are in your last semester of general education and pre-requisite Social Work courses, or if you will have these courses completed by the end of the semester you are taking this course. 

Students should have completed or will complete SOWK 310 with SOWK 315. It is recommended that students complete SOWK 180W and SOWK 212 before taking SOWK 315. 

If you have at least 60-65 or more credits at the beginning of the semester in which you plan to complete SOWK 315. 

How can I learn more about when and how to apply to take SOWK 315, Junior Field Experience course?

INFORMATION MEETINGs are typically scheduled during the first week and last week in September and in February.  Information about specific meetings dates/times are posted to the Department Listserv, on the whiteboard across from the Social Work office, and flyers are shared with all faculty. If you are not in SOWK 180W, 212, or 310, please check with with Dr. Gohagan or Dr. Strunk for more information about these meetings. Information on application process is also shared in presentations in SOWK 212 & SOWK 310 courses in early September and mid-January.  

Why can't I register for SOWK 315 when my registration window opens?

Students cannot register for the SOWK 315 course until the Junior Field Experience Coordinator for the course (Dr. Gohagan for Fall/Spring and Dr. Strunk for Summer) gives them permission to do so. This permission is given ONLY after the student:

completes the SOWK 315 application and other required documents and

turns in a signed placement agreement. 


Students whose course plan calls for them to complete SOWK 315 during Fall or Spring semesters should send name to Dr. Gohagan ( (See 'When should I plan to take SOWK 315 above'.) 

 For Fall 2017, Spring 2018 student applicants: all of the SOWK 315 Junior Field Experience application documents and instructions are now 'housed' in a D2L course website. All completed documents are to be uploaded to this D2L website instead of being turned in to the front office. Students may elect to download and complete the documents (see below) but you will need to submit all documents electronically through the D2L Junior Field Experience D2L website. After you are enrolled, it will show up on your D2L dashboard as 'BSSW Program Resources'. If you have problems with access to technology and/or other reason(s) to request to be allowed to submit your documents in written form, please contact Dr. Gohagan as soon as possible.  

SOWK 315 Jr. Field Experience Documents and Forms (for Summer sessions)