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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Mission & Goals

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Master of Social Work (MSW) Mission Statement

The mission of the Master of Social Work (MSW) Program is to empower students to be ethical and culturally responsive advanced generalist social workers who are champions and advocates for social justice, economic justice, and the equality of human rights at all system levels. Located in Mankato, a mid-size community that serves as a regional hub for surrounding small and rural communities, we build on strengths and address the social, economic, and cultural challenges confronting small and rural communities. We are also committed to developing social work leaders with an awareness of historical and contemporary social, economic, and cultural issues in a broader and global context.

Adopted: March 1, 2017

Goals of the MSW Program

  1. Prepare advanced generalist social workers that understand and identify with the values and ethics that serve to guide culturally responsive social work practice [C 1].
  2. Prepare advanced generalist social workers that are able to critically and differentially apply the knowledge, theories, values, and skills required to engage in research-informed practice and planned change (i.e. engagement, assessment, intervention, and evaluation) at all system levels, emphasizing the small and rural community context [C 4, 6, 7, 8, 9].
  3. Prepare advanced generalist social workers who build upon strengths, are committed to affirming diversity and difference in practice, and are advocates for the advancement of human rights and social and economic justice at all system levels [C 2, 3].
  4. Prepare advanced generalist social workers as leaders who critically analyze, respond to, and shape the practice context, emphasizing rural and small communities [C 7].
  5. Prepare advanced generalist social workers who engage in policy practice to deliver effective social work services and advance social and economic well-being [C 5].
  6. Model and promote the core values of competency and service through life-long learning, scholarship, community involvement, and the promotion of the social work profession, spanning local to global communities [C 1].  

Adopted: June 9, 2006; Revised and Adopted: January 7, 2008; Revised and adopted: March 2012; Revised and adopted: April 19, 2017