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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

2012 Capstone Projects

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Laura Bartsch 

[PDF] The Impact of Mindfulness and Relaxation Techniques Implemented within Minnesota School Settings (341 KiB)

Caylin C. Cedergren
[PDF] Effectiveness of the Patient Health Questionnaire (PHQ-9) Across Cultures (683 KiB)
Kelsey Christy
[PDF] Real Jobs, Real Community Wages: A Guide to Customized Employment (589 KiB)
Kristin Dehrkoop
[PDF] An Overview of Avoidant Personality Disorder (6 MiB)
Brandi Lee Stone Embacher
[PDF] “First Impression” – Creating an Intake Procedure that is Welcoming to Clients and Useful to Clinicians (9 MiB)
Rachel Faust
[PDF] Fulfilling the Circle of Courage: A Process Evaluation of the Student Educational Adventures (SEA) Program to Recognize and Improve Existing Evaluation Methods (614 KiB)
Éowyn T. Gatlin
[PDF] Exploring the Impact of the Vision Program: Parent Satisfaction Survey, Needs Assessment, and the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (634 KiB)
Tiffany Mae Gullord
[PDF] 40 Developmental Assets: A Research Analysis of the 40 Developmental Assets Healthy Youth Surveys (1 MiB)
Morgen Hagedorn
[PDF] A Stroke of Insight: A Stroke Survivor’s Experience in Inpatient Rehabilitation (396 KiB)
Michelle Kaune
[PDF] Parent Involvement Plan for Lincoln Elementary (3 MiB)
Elizabeth V. Keck
[PDF] Implementation of Evidence Based Practice with Opioid Substance Abuse Clients (878 KiB)
Ashley Kiefer
[PDF] Student Facilitated Anti-Bully Program (4 MiB)
Jennifer Kimpton
[PDF] The Behavior Game (777 KiB)
Michelle Krueger
[PDF] School Social Workers and Multiple Supervisees (200 KiB)
Jenna Lageson
[PDF] TEAM Academy Attendance Policy (4 MiB)
Sheryl Larsen
Effective Methods and Policies of Training Staff in the Mental Health Field
Renee Lips-Bush
[PDF] Student Perceptions of the Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy at Minnesota State University, Mankato (352 KiB)
Gina Marie Njugunah
[PDF] Needs Assessment of Emergency Department Social Workers in Southwestern Minnesota in Relation to Emergency Department Expansion (493 KiB)
Aliina J. Vivant Peterson
[PDF] Study Skills, Organizational Skills, Self-Awareness and Understanding Self Skills: A Development of Skills Curriculum for Middle School Students (2 MiB)
Jolene Reisdorfer
[PDF] Policies in Hospital Social Work (4 MiB)
Lori A. Sanborn
[PDF] Comparison of Minnesota’s Community-Based Jail Reentry Programs (1 MiB)
Kari Schwecke
[PDF] A Program Model for Evidence Based In-Home Family Therapy (954 KiB)
Erika Anne Sletten
[PDF] Needs Assessment to Explore Support for Military Spouses Affected by Military Life (459 KiB)
Katie M. Stadheim
[PDF] Interning as an Outpatient Therapist: Developing a Comprehensive Training Manual Grounded in the Professional Knowledge Base (1 MiB)
Emily F. Thompson
[PDF] Bridging Tactics: Improving Parental Support Systems (181 KiB)
Susan M. Warring
[PDF] Mental Health Inpatient Hospitalization – Is this the Time to Implement Smoking Cessation? (579 KiB)
Rana Wehner
[PDF] Evaluation of the BEST Program (1 MiB)
Kelsey A. Wilke
[PDF] Survey of Emergency Department Patients’ Perceived Barriers to Accessing Services and Community Resource Utilization (555 KiB)
Julie M. Wood
[PDF] Dual Diagnosis Group Treatment Manual (1 MiB)