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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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These documents are for MSW SCHOLARS ONLY.

The following forms are for use as you search, find, accept, and complete your employment payback.  Our goal is for your job search and employment payback documentation be smooth and simple!  When you complete the form, the information automatically updates the database that we use for tracking.  This is the ONLY official way to document your efforts.  The entries you make will be reviewed by the Title IV-E staff.

As you are searching for employment, please document all contacts, applications, interviews, and any types of networking that you do.  A rigorous job search for a minimum of 3 months post-graduation is required.  This will be the ONLY way we have of making a determination if that has occurred.  If in doubt, contact the MSW Coordinator for clarification if something should be documented. 

If you already have an approved job in public, tribal, or state child welfare, complete the Confirmation of Employment.  If you change jobs within child protection, please complete a new Confirmation of Employment.  Once you believe your employment payback is complete, please complete the FULLFILLMENT of Emplyment Requirements.  We will review those forms and confirm that you are finished with the payback.

If you have determined that you will not be seeking employment in public, tribal, or state public child welfare, please complete the appropriate form AND be in touch with the MSW Coordinator.