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Dear Prospective BSSW Child Welfare Student:

Thank you for your interest in MSU, Mankato’s Department of Social Work BSSW Child Welfare Program. This program provides financial support to undergraduate social work students planning to work in the public social services system with a child welfare emphasis. The purpose of the grant is to strengthen public child welfare services, particularly in rural Minnesota. The grant reinforces the continuing development of professionally educated social workers that serve at-risk children and families.


Public child welfare services are those provided by state or county governmental agencies. These social services promote the welfare of all children through child protection, foster care, adoption, family services, and tribal social services. The MSU, Mankato’s BSSW Child Welfare Stipend program uses the definition of child welfare services that appears in the Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act of 1980, Part B, Section 425 (a) (1):

The term “child welfare services” means public social services, which are directed toward the accomplishment of the following purposes: (A) Protecting and promoting the welfare of all children, including handicapped, homeless, dependent, or neglected children;  (B) Preventing or remedying, or assisting in the solution of problems which may result in the neglect, abuse, exploitation, or delinquency of children; (C) Preventing the unnecessary separation of children from their families by identifying family problems, assisting families in resolving their problems, and preventing breakup of the family where the prevention of child removal is desirable and possible; (D) Restoring to their families children who have been removed, by the provision of services to the child and the families;  (E)  Placing children in suitable adoptive homes, in cases where restoration to the biological family is not possible or appropriate; and (F) Assuring adequate care of children away from their homes, in cases where the child cannot be returned home or cannot be placed for adoption.


The MSUM Department of Social Work BSSW Child Welfare Stipend Program awards are supported by the Minnesota Department of Human Services and the US Department of Children, Youth and Families Title IV-E Training Grants.  The stipend award is $2250.00 per semester per student. All awards are contingent on continued federal funding and an annual grant renewal process. Should federal funding become unavailable or should the grant not be renewed, the MSUM Department of Social Work is not responsible for continued funding.  The stipends are taxable income and will be disbursed once each semester through MSU Mankato’s student payroll. The Office of Financial Aid is also notified of your student stipend recipient status.


Students who are selected for MSU Mankato’s Department of Social BSSW Child Welfare Program must meet the following conditions:

  1. A United States Citizen or permanent resident of the United States.
  2. Accepted into MSU Mankato’s Department of Social Work BSSW program and in good academic standing (see MSUM Department of Social Work Handbook for more information).
  3. Satisfactorily complete the child welfare course (SOWK 415/515) offered by MSU Mankato’s Department of Social Work.
  4. Attend child welfare IV-E student meetings and training seminars including Mn DHS Child Welfare Training System Foundation Training as scheduled by MSU Mankato’s Department of Social Work Child Welfare Program staff.
  5. Complete a senior field practicum in a public or tribal child welfare unit.
  6. Seek and accept employment in public or tribal child welfare (if such a position is available and offered within three months of graduation) and maintain such employment for four and a half months for each semester the student receives financial support.


Applications are reviewed by the MSU, M Department of Social Work Child Welfare Program Advisory Committee. Applicants are notified of the Advisory Committee decision in writing within 2-3 weeks after the application deadline. The Child Welfare Program Advisory Committee will select stipend recipients using the above requirements and the following criteria:

  1. Successful applicants will have a commitment to and ability to be educated and employed in the public child welfare field.  Past professional and/or para-professional experience in child welfare can be in child protection, adoptions, foster care, and contracted agencies and agencies/organizations working with vulnerable/at-risk children.  Volunteer experience is also accepted.
  2. Successful applicants should be developing competency in, and commitment to, culturally sensitive practice with ethnic minorities, diverse communities, underserved populations, and people not of the applicant’s own racial, ethnic, or cultural identification.


Student Child Welfare recipients are eligible to continue to receive this stipend for each of the semesters they meet the BSSW and Child Welfare Program requirements. The continuation of this stipend is contingent upon satisfactory academic progress in the BSSW program, satisfactorily meeting the requirements for participation as a child welfare scholar, and completion of a Request to Renew Stipend form available from the BSSW Child Welfare Program Coordinator.

Thank you for your interest in our program. We are delighted that you want to contribute as a professional social worker to the welfare of the children and families of Minnesota. If you have questions about the BSSW Child Welfare Program as you complete this application, please do not hesitate to contact MSU, M Department of Social Work BSSW Child Welfare Program staff, Debra Gohagan.



Debra Gohagan, Ph.D.

Debra Gohagan, MSW, Ph. D.
Child Welfare Program BSSW Faculty Coordinator   (O) 507-389-1699

Department of Social Work
Minnesota State University, Mankato
Mankato, MN                           56001
(O) 507-389-6504; (F) 507-389-6769


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