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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Social Studies Non-Teaching

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Social Studies BS (51 credits)

Required for Major (Social Studies Concentration, 24 credits)

A minimum of 24 credits (of which 15 need to be upper division) must be taken in one of the following social studies areas: anthropology, economics, ethnic studies, geography, history, political science, psychology, sociology, or women's studies. Students taking the history option are required to take at least six credits from each of the following areas: Europe, Third World (i.e., Latin America, Middle East, Asia and Africa) and United States.

Required for Major (General Social Studies, 27 credits)

A minimum of 27 credits (of which 17 need to be upper division) must be taken on a widely distributed basis from the social sciences and history outside the area of concentration selected above and/or from the interdisciplinary programs of ethnic studies, urban studies or women's studies. Students are encouraged to take a mixture of courses that reflect a global and multicultural understanding.

Required Minor

No minor is required.

Students should enroll in SOST 299, independent study, in the subsequent semester to declaring the social studies non-teaching major. Students in SOST 299 will work with the social studies coordinator to define personal learning goals and objectives and may begin the development of a personal learning portfolio. In the senior year, the student will take SOST 499. Students in SOST 499 will complete their learning portfolio under the guidance of the social studies coordinator and formalize post-graduation plans.