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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Suggested Course Sequence

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Starting out

In your first year... you should focus on taking general education and introductory social science courses. You would typically take 2-3 gened classes and 2-3 introductory social science classes each semester.

In your sophomore year... you should take KSP 222, Introduction to the Learner and Learning and KSP 220W, Human Relations in a Multicultural Society, SOST 200, Intro to Social Studies Teaching, KDP 202, Technology Integration in the Classroom, and complete general education and the introductory classes in your major (i.e. Anth 101, Geog 100, etc.)

Finishing up:  Over the last two years you will take upper division courses in the social studies major.

Junior year spring semester:

  • PLS 321–Democracy & Citizenship (3)
  • KSP 330–Planning, Instruction, and Evaluation in the Classroom (5)

Senior year fall semester:

  • Sost 450–Teaching Secondary Social Studies (4)
  • KSP 440–Creating Learning Environments to Engage Childrent, Families, Communities (3)
  • KSP 442–Reading, Literacy, and Differentiated Instruction in the Inclusive Classroom (3)

Senior year spring semester:

  • KSP 477–Student Teaching (11)
  • KSP 475–Social Context of Learning: Secondary (1)

*You are required to take SOST 450 and KSP 440 & 442 in the semester before you student teach.

**Note that the above suggestions are for students in a pattern to graduate in 4 years. For many reasons it is difficult to complete the program in 4 years and you may find that you are taking classes in the fall that were suggested for the previous spring. That's okay.


You may want to take classes in the summer. The most common offerings will be introductory classes in the social sciences and general education classes. Sometimes classes that meet the requirements of your concentration and Professional Education classes are offered in the summer, but not always.