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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Sociology Spring 2009 Graduates


Sociology is the scientific study of contemporary society, social structures, human social behavior, and the organization and functioning of groups. As sociologists we are interested in what influences peoples' preferences, how people make their decisions and what factors influence the structure and process of social interactions. We deal with questions such as: Why do people vote as they do? What factors lead to a preference for using illegal drugs? How do people bring about social change? What factors contribute to discrimination? How and why have women changed their role in society? Why do we have very rich and very poor in an affluent, democratic society? It is interesting and exciting to find out why people do the things they do and how/why we make our own decisions. Sociological knowledge is a very powerful instrument in understanding the social dynamics of politics, family, community and work.

We have a new "Applied Option" in sociology. This emphasis prepares students to get involved in creating better communities. This option prepares students for work n the non-profit sector (the fastest growing area in the U.S.), to do real human service work in a variety of agencies and to take on leadership positions in non-profit and government human service agencies. Our program works with the Non-Profit Leadership Certificate Program to give students the competence they need to develop a life-fulfilling career. The Department of Sociology and Corrections operates under a mission statement that calls for shared faculty and student responsibility for the pursuit, transmission and application of sociological knowledge.