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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

Featured Alum

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Brittney Wacholz

Bachelor of Arts in Applied Sociology



What was a defining moment during your time as an undergraduate student in the Sociology program?

A defining moment was presenting research to a local non-profit organization during my applied sociology course. It was very rewarding to see an idea come to life. Collaborating with my group members and producing an end product was really rewarding. There were many late nights and challenges along the way, but that has prepared me for my professional life more than I could have expected.

How did a Sociology degree help you in the job you have today?

Traditional marketing relies on economics, psychology and decision making. However, what some fail to realize is having a sociological background can reveal variables and stakeholders that can shape or change a marketing campaign's success. I have found that applying functionalism to marketing, you're painting a more thorough picture of what impacts your customer.



What are your future goals?

I currently work as a Content and Social Media Strategist. On a day-to-day basis I oversee the brand's social media accounts and content marketing strategy for my products. I create educational blogs, webinars, e-books and case studies for our target audience so they can make informed purchase decisions. I am continually establishing goals and working towards a fulfilling profession. I am currently in the Communication Studies program at MNSU to help supplement my current position. I recently found myself interested in pairing my sociological knowledge and communications methods for training and development within my organization. I would be interested in implementing a new internal training opportunity or teaching communications strategies online for undergrads.


"I use sociology everyday. Business success depends on the talent driving the results in the right direction. Sociology taught me many things, but mainly that if you study group behavior, position the group in th

e right way with the right support, anything can be achieved."

-Bryan Venberg, Vice president of Human Resources, Shop NBC

"I couldn't

ask for more for an

undergraduate experience. Professors care about your education and care about you as a person. They are passionate about their field and gave me excellent preparation for life in the 'real world' and life in graduate school. I have done both. Thanks to them. I have the confidence as a sociologist to tackle anything."

-Mark Schultz, Graduate student in sociology at the University of Iowa

"Sociology has helped me to become who I am today ... wait ... I mean Sociology help me to become who society wanted me to become ... no, that's not it ... Oh! Sociology helped me to become who I thought society wanted me to become. Aren't sociological theories fun?"

-Kim Mitchell, Clinic assistant, Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, South Dakota and North Dakota


"I work with interns from all over the state and some outside the state. The probation officers in my department have a strong preference for students from Minnesota State University, Mankato. Not only do they work with us full-time, they're the best prepared. They've learned what is currently going on in the field and all have some hands-on experience that allows them to dive right into their internships. Their instructors are the best at staying involved with the community and the criminal justice field. They care about their students and do everything they can to help them with employment when the students graduate. In fact, we have many alumni who are employed with Dakota County. I strongly recommend Mankato for corrections majors."

-Ruth Fonstad, Volunteer and Intern Coordinator, Dakota County Community Corrections

"The Corrections program at Minnesota State University Mankato really prepares you for a future in the criminal justice field. The professors are well-versed in a variety of sociological concepts and challenge you to stretch your thought and understanding of social justice. The experience both in and out of the classroom has the foundation for my future!"

-Jenny Quade Fritz, Corrections Program Graduate