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Minnesota State University, Mankato

Minnesota State University, Mankato

Twin Cities Program

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MS: Sociology: Corrections

MS: Sociology: Human Services Planning and Administration


For many years, the Twin Cities program offered one course every spring, summer, and fall term on a three-year cycle for a total of 9 courses and 27 credits. Since its inception, a number of these courses have become available on a more frequent basis as online courses. Thus, beginning in fall of 2015, we have a simplified rotation of courses in the metro area that includes the five 600-level courses that are required for both the MS: Sociology: Corrections and the MS: Sociology: Human Services and Planning program. 

The remaining courses for the Corrections degree (CORR 608 Leadership and Transformation in Corrections and CORR 647 Correctional Theory and Practice) will be regularly offered online.  The remaining courses for the Human Service degree (SOC 517 Program Administration and SOC 566 Program Planning) will also be regularly offered online. 

Students planning the bulk of their coursework in the Twin Cities or online are strongly encouraged to consult with the Graduate Coordinator each semester for specific information on when these online courses will be offered.


Admission and Program Requirements

The Admission and Program Requirements for the Twin Cities Program are the same as for the on campus program; details on these requirements may be found at


The Course Cycle :


Summer 2014 Soc 517 Program Administration
Fall 2014 Soc 603 Seminar in Social Psychology
Spring 2015 Soc 605 Seminar in Research Methods
Fall 2015 Soc 602 Seminar in Social Organization
Spring 2016 Soc 607 Program Evaluation
Fall 2016 Open semester for online course(s)
Spring 2017 Soc 606 Seminar in Sociological Theory
Fall 2017 Soc 603 Seminar in Social Psychology
Spring 2018 Soc 605 Seminar in Research Methods