Faculty & Staff

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Luis PosasPosas, Luis, Ph.D

Professor and Chair

Kansas State U.-Social Change, Urbanization, Social Demography, Race, Ethnicity and Culture

Armstrong Hall 113J

Phone: (507)389-2257

Email: luis.posas@mnsu.edu

Website: Luis Posas

Afroza AnwaryAnwary, Afroza, Ph.D.


U of Minnesota – Social Organization, Social Movements, Social Inequality, Qualitative, Historical and Comparative Methods

Armstrong Hall 113S

Phone: (507)389-5608

Email: afroza.anwary@mnsu.edu

Website: Anwary Afroza

Emily BoydBoyd, Emily, Ph.D.

Associate Professor and Sociology Program Coordinator

Florida State University - Gender, Interaction, Sociology of the Body, Media

Armstrong Hall 113Q

Phone: (507)389-1375

Email: emily.boyd@mnsu.edu

Website: Emily Boyd

Steve BuechlerBuechler, Steve,Ph.D.

Professor and Graduate Coordinator

SUNY-Stony Brook – Theory, Movements, Political Economy, Gender

Armstrong Hall 113T


Email: steve.buechler@mnsu.edu

Website: Steve Buechler

Carol L. GlasserCarol L. Glasser, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

University of California,Irvine – Applied Sociology, Gender, Human-Animal Studies, Social Movements

Armstrong Hall 113O

Phone: (507)389-1345

Email: carol.glasser@mnsu.edu

Website: carolglasser.com

Barbara CarsonCarson, Barbara, Ph.D.


U. of New Hampshire – Corrections, Victimology, Violence, Restorative Justice

Armstrong Hall 113G

Phone:(507) 389-6265

Email: barbara.carson@mnsu.edu

Website: Barbara Carson

Jeffery Dennis Dennis, Jeffery.

Assistant Professor of Corrections

SUNY Stony Brook- Criminology, Deviance

Armstrong Hall 113Z

Phone: (507)389-1132

Email: jeffery.dennis@mnsu.edu


Donald EbelEbel, Donald, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Director of Aging Studies

Duke University

Armstrong Hall 113L

Phone: 507.389.5188

Email: donald.ebel@mnsu.edu

Website: Donald Ebel

Sarah Nell EpplenEpplen,Sarah Nell, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Sociology
Coordinator, Teaching Sociology Internship Program

North Carolina State U. –Sociology

Armstrong Hall 113-I

Phone: (507) 389-5669

Email: sarah.epplen@mnsu.edu

Catarina FritzFritz, Catarina, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Boston University - Race and Ethnicity, Medical Sociology, Sociology of Education

Armstrong Hall 113D

Phone:(507) 389-1038

Email: catarina.fritz@mnsu.edu

Website: Catarina Fritz

Diane GrahamGraham, Diane, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Southern Illinois U. – Carbondale – Evaluation, Applied Statistics, Human Services

Armstrong Hall 113M

Phone: (507)389-6169

Email: h.graham@mnsu.edu

Website: Diane Graham

Vicki HunterHunter, Vicki, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Kent State U. – family, gender, social policy, and stratification

Armstrong Hall 113N

Phone: (507)389-5611

Email: vicki.hunter@mnsu.edu

Website: Vicki Hunter

Keating BarbaraKeating,Barbara R, Ph.D.


U. of Nebraska – Family, Family Violence, Research Methods, Gender

Armstrong Hall 113F

Phone: (507)389-5604

Email: barbara.keating@mnsu.edu

Website: Barbara Keating

Keith Luebke Luebke Keith.

Associate Professor

Nonprofit Leadership Program Coordinator

Armstrong Hall 113H

Phone: (507)389-5215

Email: h.luebke@mnsu.edu

Paul PrewPrew, Paul, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

University of Oregon - Environment, Political Economy, Developing Areas

Morris Hall 222K


Email: paul.prew@mnsu.edu

Website: Paul Prew

James RobertsonRobertson, James E, Dipl. in Law


Oxford U.; Correctional Law, Penology

Armstrong Hall 113C

Phone: (507)389-5601

Email: james.robertson@mnsu.edu

Website: James Robertson

Pedro ThomasThomas, Pedro M, Ph.D.

Professor and Corrections Program Coordinator

Washington State U. – Criminology/Delinquency, Deviant Behavior, Social Disorganization, Social Control

Armstrong Hall 113E

Phone: (507) 389-2190

Email: pedro.thomas@mnsu.edu

Website: Pedro Thomas

Sherrise TruesdaleSherrise Truesdale-Moore, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Field Practice Coordinator

Howard University – Criminology, Criminal Justice, Deviant Behavior, YLS/CMI(2.0) Master Trainer, Cultural Competency in Corrections

Armstrong Hall 113P

Phone: (507)389-1868

Email: sherrise.truesdale@mnsu.edu

Website: Sherrise Truesdale

Dennis Waskul Waskul, Dennis, Ph.D.


Oklahoma State U.-Social Psychology, Sexuality, Cultural Sociology

Armstrong Hall 113A

Phone: (507)389-5673

Email: dennis.waskul@mnsu.edu

Website: Dennis Waskul

Bill WagnerWagner, William, Ph.D.


Deviance, Postmodernism, Methods and Statistics

Armstrong Hall 113R

Phone: (507)389-5602

Email: william.wagner@mnsu.edu

Website: William Wagner

Karen Purrington Purrington, Karen, Staff

Office Manager

Armstrong Hall 113

Phone: (507)389-1562

Email: karen.purrington@mnsu.edu