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Field Practice Students

Field Practice

Many students have questions related to the field practice (often referred to as an internship) requirement. Corrections majors are required to successfully complete a 450 hour internship prior to graduation. This field practice experience is coordinated between the faculty supervisor, the student, and the prospective agency. Students must apply for the field practice placement, preferably one semester before they plan to enter the placement. As part of the application process, students must also submit to the field practice coordinator, two unofficial transcripts, a sample of their writing, and a learning contract which identifies their learning objectives for the internship. There are a wide range of field practice placement (e.g., in Minnesota, out of state, government agencies, non-profit organizations, victim services, and correctional institutions) and students are encourage to research and select a placement that provides the best "fit" for their educational and employment goals. The field practice placement, along with a capstone course (taken concurrently with CORR 496), is designed to provide opportunities to apply the knowledge and skills students have acquired. Students find their field practice experience to be a very rich learning and professional development opportunity.

Youth Level Of Science/Case Management Inventory (2.0)

Dr. Sherrise Truesdale- Moore, Ph.D. is a certified Master Trainer of the Youth Level of Service/Case Management Inventory(2.0). She received her training from Dr. Robert D. Hoge, author of YLS/CMI 2.0 instrument, who also signed the accrediting document as Master Trainer for Dr. Truesdale-Moore. To Remain current on the materials covered in the course, Dr. Truesdale-Moore maintains contact with the Multi-Health System(MHS). YLS/CMI 2.0 training is provided in the Corr, 449: Correctional Counseling. Approximately 67% of the course covers YLS/CMI(2.0) instruction. Certification is provided only to students who achieve a grade of 80 percent or better on the YLS/CMI 2.0 exam. Students who have obtained certification through this course are provided a certificate signed by Dr. Truesdale-Moore and Kimberly Greer, Dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Field Practice

Field Practice and Capstone are coordinated by Dr. Sherrise Truesdale. Internship packets can be picked up and/or dropped off at the Sociology/Corrections office in 113 Armstrong Hall.

Please review the attached material and contact Dr. Truesdale with any questions. No field practice will be approved until all items on the checklist have been addressed and you have received permission to register from him. Dr. Truesdale can be reached by telephone at 507-389-1868 or by email at