Liberating Skills Transferable
To Many Careers and Vocations

  1. Effectively communicates: Clearly explains self both orally and in writing.
  2. Demonstrates ability to think critically: Points out potential problems, expands issues by asking questions.
  3. Demonstrates problem-solving skills: Realizes consequences, finds alternative solutions and makes decisions.
  4. Demonstrates an ability to make decisions: Doing things without constantly being told.
  5. Shows a capacity for growth: Seeks out new experiences or responsibilities.
  6. Shows a capacity for growth: Reflects confidence in responding to the unexpected.
  7. Takes advantage of opportunities to contribute ideas, information, etc.: Offers ideas, opinion, solutions when asked.
  8. Demonstrates leadership skills: Can influence others, develops ideas and delegates or coordinates responsibilities.
  9. Can articulate a personal point of view: Demonstrates viewpoint has been thought through.
  10. Is responsible and dependable: Shows up when expected and carries out given tasks.
  11. Gets along well with others: Demonstrates a positive working relationship with fellow workers.
  12. Reflects self-confidence: Volunteers for new assignments, hesitates little when deciding.
  13. Shows an ability to gain the confidence of others: Others seek opinions.

From Watkins, Ed. Occupational Literacy Exam as cited in Stephen Cobb, "So You Want a Job: Sociology, Liberating Skills and Experiential Learning"

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