Professional Competencies Expected of College Graduates

A. Traditional Professional Competencies

1. Conceptual Competence: Understanding the theoretical foundations.
2. Technical Competence: Performing required skills.
3. Integrative Competence: Melding theory and skills in practice
4. Career Marketability: Marketable through education and training

B. Liberal / Professional Competencies

1. Communication Competence
2. Contextual Competence
3. Adaptive Competence
4. Critical Thinking
5. Leadership Capacity

C. Attitudes

1. Professional Identity
2. Professional Ethics
3. Scholarly Concern for Improvement
4. Motivation for Continued Learning
5. Aesthetic Sensibility

From: Stark, Joan and Malcolm A. Lowther. 1989. "Exploring Common Ground in Liberal and Professional Education."  Pages 7 - 20 in Armount, R. A. and B. S. Fuhrmann (eds.) Integrating Liberal Learning and Professional Education.  New Directions for Teaching and Learning, No. 40, Winter.  San Francisco:  Jossey-Bass.

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