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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato


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Faculty of the Psychology Department at Minnesota State University, Mankato are the people behind the scenes of Psychological Frontiers.  Who are they?

Dr. Dawn Albertson, Dr. Dan Sachua and Dr. Emily Stark all serve as Co-Producers of Psychological Frontiers: Exploring Human Behavior.  Dr. Albertson is featured as the voice behind the radio show.  Each of these faculty members as well as other Psychology Department faculty have also contributed content for the radio shows that will be aired each week. 


Psychological Frontiers would also like to acknowledge the efforts of James "Gully" Gullickson in his help with the production process of the Radio Show.  He serves as the General Manager of KMSU at Minnesota State University, Mankato and hosts the show "Southern MN Midday".  Also, he has been a professional broadcaster for nearly 30 years.