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The Psychology Major

The major provides students with a broad background in psychology suitable either as preparation for graduate study for those students wishing to enter the profession of psychology or as preparation for careers in which the application of psychology is important for those students who do not plan to become professional psychologists.

MATH 112 (College Algebra) is required as preparation for PSYC 201 but does not count toward the 40 required psychology credits. PSYC 201 and PSYC 211 are prerequisites for several core courses and should be taken early in the major.

For other course prerequisites, please check the [PDF] psychology department course bulletin (46 KiB) prior to registering for classes.

General Education Guidelines

The psychology department recommends that students prepare for the major by taking the following courses as part of their general education or elective credits:

  • Computer Science 100: Introduction to Computer Science
  • English 271: Technical Communication


A minor is required to accompany the major. The choice of minor is best discussed with your advisor, but students planning to enter psychology as a profession should consider biology or technical writing as appropriate supporting minors.

NOTE: Psychology courses in which a student receives a grade of less than C (or P) will not be counted toward a psychology major or minor.


Required Courses Credits
101 Introductory Psychology 4
201 Statistics for Psychology 4
211 Research Methods & Design 4
409 History & Systems 3
Select at least one course from each core area
Learning and Cognition  
413 Sensation & Perception 4
414 Learning 4
415 Human Memory 4
416 Cognitive Psychology 4
340 Social Psychology 4
455 Abnormal Psychology 4
456 Personality Theories 3
458 Cultural Psychology 3
420 Drugs & Behavior 4
421 Biopsychology 4
423 Neuroscience 4
433 Child Psychology 4
436 Adolescent Psychology 4
466 Psychology of Aging 3 sufficient electives to complete 40 credits in Psychology.

It is recommended that students planning to pursue clinical psychology in graduate school elect PSYC 407, 455, and 478. These courses are considered necessary background in our own clinical graduate program.

It is recommended that students planning to pursue industrial/organizational psychology in graduate school elect PSYC 463.