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What is an advisor?

Your psychology advisor is meant to be a resource for you to help you navigate the major, and to help you think about what you might do after graduation.  Typically, advisors can help you:

  • Select classes
  • Identify careers that would be interesting
  • Provide you with information for how to apply to graduate school
  • Provide advice for dealing with difficult classes 

Your psychology advisor will not:

  • Provide you with advice on meeting your general education requirements.  If you need help with this, you can visit Advising U in Armstrong Hall 114.  
  • Provide advising forms, such as applications for graduation.  You can find the links for commonly requested forms here.  
  • Help you write your resume or conduct mock interviews.  The Career Development Center provides these services, and has a number of helpful resources and tools that will help you through this process.

How do I get an advisor?

You can visit our main office in Armstrong 103 to request an advisor once you have declared a major.  You can change your advisor at any time.

What should I do to prepare for a meeting with my advisor?

  • Make an appointment with your advisor.  Scheduling an appointment with your advisor ensures they will have the time to meet with you, and that they can prepare for the meeting.
  • Print an up-to-date copy of your DARS report (which you can download from eServices on the Registrar's website.)  
  • Write down any questions you have that you would like to ask your advisor.  Make sure to check the undergraduate bulletin and the registrar's website first!
  • If you are visiting your advisor because of academic problems (e.g. academic probation) have a clear plan for how you will improve your performance and be more successful next semester
  • Make sure to show up on time for your meeting!

Common Questions

How do I find my transcript? This video will walk you through how you can get an unofficial transcript.

How do I find my DARS report, and how do I use it? This video will help you understand how to find your DARS report. The DARS report is helpful for understanding how you are doing on general education requirements, for seeing your progress on your major and minor requirements, and your graduation requirements. It is also a great tool to use when you meet with your advisor.

How do prerequisites work? This video explains what prerequisites are, and how you should use them to help you select classes.

How do I register for classes? This video will walk you through the process for registering for classes. Make sure to check your DARS report to ensure you don't have any holds that will prevent you from registering.

How do my credits transfer from other institutions? It depends on where you take your classes, and what you have taken. is once resource (see this video for instructions on how to use it). You can also meet with the staff at Advising U or the department chair if you have specific questions.

I'm almost ready to graduate. What do I do?  You will need to fill out an [PDF] application for graduation (91 KiB) one year in advance.  This gives you time to correct any problems or take any classes you have overlooked.