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Minnesota State University, Mankato
Minnesota State University, Mankato

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What Makes Our College Special

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High Quality Faculty           

  • Over 95% of our faculty have doctoral degrees. Many faculty within our College have national reputations and regularly publish their research in prominent journals in their fields. Facutly, not teaching assistants, teach 99% of our courses. 


Exciting Learning Opportunities    

Study Abroad Dinner

  • Our College offers a variety of field trips, service learning opportunities, internships, practicums, seminars, community outreach programs, and conferences. Other opportunities include study trips within the United States and abroad.

* For more information about how you can participate in these exciting learning opportunities please visit the SBS College’s Study Abroad and Getting Involved.







Personal Attention         Faculty Helping Two Students

  • Faculty involve students in their academic work. Faculty members also participate with students in clubs, workshops, research, conferences, and special events. Academic advisors enjoy helping students plan out their academic careers, create research projects, and get involved in activities related to their area of study.

* For more information about our College’s Advising Center please visit our Advising “U” webpage.

* For more information about specific majors within our College please visit our Majors  webpage.

Opportunities to Participate

  • SBS offers many opportunities for students to get involved. Seminars and workshops are offered regularly to students, while over 200 students make presentations at professional conferences every year.

* For more information about upcoming opportunities for you to participate in please visit our College’s News and Events webpage.

* To find a College sponsored group to get involved with please visit our Clubs and Organizations webpage.



Preparation for Diverse Cultures and Global Communities 

  • Minnesota State University, Mankato had one of the first Department of Ethnic Studies in the Upper-Midwest and one of the first Gender and Women’s Studies programs in the United States, both of which are located in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Besides having over 50 core courses that fulfill the Diverse Cultures Requirements, we offer colloquiums, seminars, and student groups that address issues of diversity and global awareness.

* To learn more about events in our University that recognize and address diversity please visit our Diversity Events webpage.


Career Opportunities   

Student Walking Across the Stage at Commencement

  • There is a growing demand in the social science field. We sponsor an annual Social and Behavioral Sciences Career Day Fair for students to explore job opportunities within the social sciences field. Many of our graduates leave prepared for graduate school, doctoral programs, and leadership roles within their field.

* To learn more about job placement for graduates from our College please visit our Job Placement webpage.