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Faculty Research Interests

The faculty in the I-O Psychology program maintain active streams of research in a broad variety of areas.  See a complete list of recent publications and presentations below.

All masters students are required to complete a research-based thesis.  See a complete list of recent thesis papers and advisors here.


Kristie Campana, Ph.D.
Andi Rittman Lassiter, Ph.D. Lisa Perez, Ph.D. Dan Sachau, Ph.D.
  • Incivility
  • Leadership
  • Stress
  • Health
  • Team Processes
  • Training
  • Leadership
  • Selection
  • Group Dynamics
  • Teams
  • Occupational Stress
  • Incivility
  • Workplace Trauma
  • Employee Engagement
  • Diversity
  • Intrinsic Motivation
  • Attitudes
  • Self-Presentation
  • Happiness
  • Service Learning

Peer-Reviewed Publications (2010 - present)

Names in bold print are I-O faculty authors. Names in italics are graduate student/alumni authors.

Andrews, L., Klein, S. R., Forsman, J. & Sachau, D. (2013). It's easy being green: Benefits of technology-enabled work. In A. Hergatt Huffman & S. R. Klein (Eds.). Green Organizations: Driving Change with I-O Psychology. Routledge.

Blackhurst, E., Congemi, P., Meyer, J. & Sachau, D. (2011). Should you hire The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist,

Campana, K. L.,
& Hammoud, S. (in press). Incivility from patients and their families: Can organisational justice protect nurses from burnout? Journal of Nursing Management

Campana, K. L.,
& Peterson, J. J. (2013). Do bosses give extra credit? Using the classroom to model real-world work experiences. College Teaching, 61, 60-66.

Collini, S. A., Guidroz, A. M., & Perez, L. M. (in press). Turnover in health care: The mediating effects of employee engagement. Journal of Nursing Management

Guidroz, A. M., Wang, M., & Perez, L. M. (2012). Developing a model of source-specific interpersonal conflict in health care. Stress and Health , 28, 69-79.

Johnson, A. E.
, Sachau, D. A., & Englert, D. (2010). Organizational and occupational embeddedness of federal law enforcement personnel. Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, 25, 75-89.

Lassiter, A. L. R. (2012). Review of John W. Budd (2011). The Thought of Work. Ithaca NY: Cornell University Press. Human Resource Management, 51, 161-164.

Ono, M., Sachau, D. A., Deal, W. P., & Englert, D. R. (2011). Cognitive ability, emotional intelligence, and the Big Five personality dimensions as predictors of criminal investigator performance. Criminal Justice and Behavior, 38, 471-491.

Perez, L. M.,
Jones, J., Englert, D. R., & Sachau, D. (2010). Secondary traumatic stress and burnout among law enforcement investigators exposed to disturbing media images. Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, 25, 113-124.

Sachau, D.,
Brasher, N. & Fee, S. (2010). Three models for short-term study abroad. Journal of Management Education, 34, 645-670.

Sachau, D. A.,
Gertz, J., Matsch, M., Palmer, A. J., & Englert, D. (2012). Work-life conflict and organizational support in a military law enforcement agency. Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, 27, 63-72.

Sachau, D. A., & Naas, P. A. (2010). The consulting challenge: A case competition. Journal of Management Education, 34, 605-631.

Sachau, D., Simmering, L., & Adler, M. (2012). A birdie in the had: Asymmetry in golf risk preferences.

Stark, E., Lassiter, A., & Kuemper, A. (2013). A brief examination of predictors of e-learning success for novice and expert learners. Knowledge Management & E-Learning, 5(3).

Stark, E., Sachau, D., & Albertson, D. N. (2012). Producing a radio show about psychological science: The story of Psychological Frontiers. Teaching of Psychology, 39, 42-44.

Yong, L., Sachau, D., & Lassiter, A. (2011). Developing a measure of virtual community citizenship behavior. Knowledge Management & E-Learning, 3 (4).


Peer-Reviewed Publications Prior to 2010

Other Publications

Conference Presentations

Other Scholarly Activity